A VR (virtual reality) movie experience: In a not-so-distant future, criminal organizations are uprising forms of economic power and serve as governing factors. Niko is a 35-year-old veteran in one of these gangs. But when his boss, Salomon The Conjuror, makes a deal with the established government to seek greater power, he betrays Niko and his crew.

After a brutal psychological defeat that ends in his death, Niko must travel to the underworld and meet with The Grim Reaper to gain a chance at revenge. With the consequences of his own wrong doings in mind, Niko is driven beyond vengeance to save his wife and son from the hand of Salomon. But The Grim Reaper is not benevolent and Niko must pay a high price for the powers she grants him. He may never again be with his family… in this life or the afterlife. Credit: Craft and Conjure. Watch the full movie here