The Miracle Basket

In this VR experience, The Miracle Basket, we get a glimpse into humankind’s recent past, told through an intimate childhood story.

It’s a textured and layered story that delivers a serious message in seemingly innocent images and design.

By describing the arrival of the west as the downfall of innocence, the VR experience relates to environmental issues of today and political uprisings through storytelling.

While camping, a grandfather tells a story to his grandson, and takes the boy to a village in a forest from the past. There, indigenous people live in harmony with nature and each other.

The user of the VR experience walks through a colorful, animated world, with children playing, various animals, and birds and insects flying through the air.

The idyll is disrupted by the arrival of the West, represented as a spaceship filled with contemporary symbolism: iconic names of brands, like a garbage heap of logos and lights.

The villagers are impressed and welcome the passengers on board the West into their world. They dance to modern music, proclaiming the message “more, more” and are fascinated by all that the West has to offer.

Not long after, their world becomes a desert of burned-out houses, withered plants, and no trace of animals. Moreover, there is no food.

During their desperate scavenge for food, they stumble upon The Miracle Basket. It contains just enough seeds to start all over again.

The arrival of rain finally washes away the last remnants of their mistakes, and we see a world emerge where man, nature, and technology go hand in hand.

The villagers realize that without the mistakes of the past, they would not know the value of their paradisiacal forest.

Creator: Abner Preis visit his website Producer: Richard Valk