the ministry of defence

SAF-TACTM is a low overhead, immersive, virtual-reality ‘Plug and Play’ training simulator. Man-portable and available at the point of need; SAF-TACTM has been built from the ground up using the world renown Unreal Engine 4 specifically for Defence Simulation Training.

Capable of supporting 30+ VR users, SAF-TACTM utilises COTS equipment to provide a realistic, simple to use and crucially ‘Sandbox’ training environment for its users.

The Sandbox nature of SAF-TACTM and it’s geo-specific environments means that the user can conduct force multiplying training (such as refining their understanding of complex TTPs, SOPs and C2) to support and maximise the experience of ‘live’ training while minimising logistical and administrative overheads. Credit: SimCentric Technologies