Soul speech

Emoshape Inc. is dedicated to providing a solution that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans to yield a favorable, positive result with connection and compassion.

Emoshape emotion synthesis engine (EPU) technology ensures a massive leap for Artificial Intelligence, especially in the realm of the Metaverse, digital art, gaming, virtual reality, automotive, intelligent speakers, affective toys, pervasive computing, and other major consumer electronic devices.

The cutting-edge applications include:

>Human-machine interaction.
>Emotion speech synthesis.
>Emotion speech recognition.
>Emotional awareness and autonomy.
>Emotion reasoning.
>Machine emotional intimacy.
>AI’s personalities.
>Machine learning.
>Affective computing.

With fields as diverse as gaming, healthcare, and automotive, emotion synthesis is the ultimate upgrade for any product or service.

In addition, the growing presence of AI, gaming, and virtual reality in society shows how critical and meaningful emotional interaction is to remove the barrier for widespread adoption.

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