Disney+ releases its first AR-enabled short film, ‘Remembering,’

The eight-minute-long movie features a companion augmented reality app that allows users to scan their TV with an iOS device to watch an extension of the movie on the small screen.

This is the first AR app that connects directly to content on the Disney+ platform.
Viewers are meant to keep the app open while they watch the film. The AR app listens to audio cues by leveraging Apple’s ShazamKit technology. When it recognizes a key piece of audio around three minutes in, the device will chime, alerting users to hold up their phone and point it at their TV. A 10-second countdown then begins ahead of the AR experience.

When users point their iPhone or iPad at the TV, they’ll see a waterfall flowing down to the floor as well as dolphins, butterflies, trees, foliage, glowing flowers and other wondrous digital elements.

The movie continues to play during the experience. You can watch on the TV screen or on your iPhone or iPad, as Dusty’s character describes “The World of Imagination.” In the scene, a shooting star flies across the screen and dolphin-shaped clouds move in the sky and dive into “The River of Life.”

music: bensound.com