Red-Eye, a new metaverse-born magazine

If there’s space for real estate, fashion, music, art and more in the metaverse, there might be space for journalism, too.

With that in mind, Gloria Maria Cappelletti, a Milan-based art and fashion curator and a champion of digital art, is launching Red-Eye, a magazine poised to live inside and outside the metaverse.

The metaverse component will be accessible via computer, mobile and enhanced via Oculus VR devices.

Red-Eye’s website is populated by articles without a timeline-based river, to give each story the same importance, while the magazine’s environment on Spatial will house different rooms, each dedicated to and enhancing the corresponding feature, article or project.

The first issue features conversations with Cathy Hackl, a Web3 expert and authority often referred to as the godmother of the metaverse, who will present her new book and a collection of NFTs inside Spatial; an interview with BtMedlr, a Web3 artist unveiling the AI-based “Dune: Not for Spice” exhibition inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky within Red-Eye’s metaverse space.