recruitment phase

AT&T has numerous development programs they use for recruitment purposes. In order to showcase and inform potential candidates about these programs, AT&T has created videos to tell each story. Groove Jones has been working with the AT&T College Recruiting team on the creation of several videos, which have been developed for VR (virtual reality) and shot in 360°. The AT&T college recruiting team uses these 360º videos at events around the US: career fairs, information sessions, and other campus recruitment events.

AT&T wanted to create a VR application to combine these videos into a single virtual theater allowing students to interact with and view the content that most interests them. The AT&T college recruitment VR app serves as a hub to all of the rich video content that has been created. The individual video experiences can be launched via various controls within an AT&T branded world.

The experience helps the viewer see what life is like working at AT&T and allows them to step into thedifferent locations and meet some of the people that work there. Music: