the ‘EpiqE Tracking’ system opens up a whole new way of viewing a horse race. It boasts unique technology featuring unequalled 25cm precision, a first for the sports world.

The GPS sensor placed on each runner is at the heart of the system. It weighs less than 150 grams and transmits 20 different types of data renewed 10 times per second in real time. Youngsters and potential new racegoers will view big races like never before.

Accuracy, immersion and user friendliness mean adaptability to all types of screen. Thanks to latest technologies and gaming techniques, viewers will be be familiar with the data they crave for.

Viewing capabilities in virtual reality (VR): The amount of data now available during a race or replays will allow racegoers to read a race accurately and target future bets accordingly.

This entirely French innovation will provide racing pros with a mine of information which will help improve a horse or jockey’s performance the next time he runs. More than 20 stats will be available in real time and renewed 10 times per second. Credit: LeTROT

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