Up Next in Commerce by Salesforce – An interactive online park for businesses to learn about What’s Next.

At Salesforce, events are a significant part of their marketing strategy. However, due to the pandemic, these events have gone digital.

The Salesforce team wanted to encapsulate that magic and bring a spark of joy right to users’ homes or offices by creating a direct mail kit that appeals to the senses and emulates their event and brand feel, including an online and virtual reality experience.

The final result is an exciting and immersive experience that can be explored online via a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone, as well as through VR goggles.

Notable among its activations:

> A direct mail kit including a VR headset, gifts, customer stories, and product information

>An original VR experience (created by Groove Jones): an immersive digital “nature park” of multiple environments, original films, a self-assessment quiz, and customer interviews

>A guided digital experience on salesforce.com with tips, trends, and resources

>An “Up Next” Podcast series (reaching #1 in Business and Marketing on Apple Podcasts) created in partnership with mission.org