Namuanki is a virtual reality world in VRChat by Kevin Mack

Namuanki is an ancient aquatic oasis from the distant future, a virtual get-away to an otherworldly reality that’s designed to inspire a transcendent experience of awe, mystery, and imagination.

Namuanki is an ocean world with rocky isles, labyrinthine rock formations, bizarre lifeforms, and subterranean caves. Visitors can explore the islands and complex rock formations above and below the water and encounter a variety of unique benevolent beings along the way, including Anu, the colossal air whale who floats down from the sky to trumpet his foghorn greeting.

Visitors can climb maze-like rock formations and splash into the deep blue ocean from high above. On their climb they can experience mystical visions provided by the wise benevolent stewards of the rocks.

Other features include the undersea Chasm of Ki and the rocky tunnels that lead to the Ice-Cave of Feth Fiada that lies deep beneath the ocean floor. The Slope of Shanti and Jester’s Garden provide more undersea discovery and mystical visions.

This virtual ocean retreat is a therapeutic world of relaxation, exploration, and discovery that entertains as it promotes well-being through spatial presence and the power of awe.

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