Namoo animated virtual reality (VR) film. This powerful immersive short was inspired by the death of Erick Oh’s grandfather.

The story follows the life of a man, from his birth to his death, and all the defining moments in between. As a child, our protagonist discovers a love of art which eventually blossoms into a full-blown passion. In adulthood, he falls for a woman before experiencing the crippling feelings of loss.

As the character grows, so too does the tree, which absorbs the remaining artifacts of his past self as he progresses from one phase of his life to the next. This includes his pain, regret, and anguish.

After a lifetime of experiences, our protagonist sits back to reflect on his time in a captivating finale that leaves you feeling strangely at one with the universe. Directed by Erick Oh (visit his website). Credit: Baobab Studios