Fossil Group launched its new virtual watch try-on experience across several brand channels including and Watch Station.

Expanding on its existing partnership with Tangiblee, the Fossil team rolled-out a web-based, markerless augmented reality feature for watches, a feature that does not require users to download a separate app or additional technical equipment.

Customers can place any Fossil watch on their wrist, with scaled accuracy, in just a few taps. Fossil shoppers need only follow two single-tap steps on their mobile device in order to see a watch on their wrist.

The first step – measure your wrist width – allows customers to quickly measure the width of their wrist with their phone screen. The ‘calibration’ (measurement) step is not required for Tangiblee’s algorithms to properly work but it offers an assurance to any watch buyer that what’s being displayed on their wrist is correctly scaled & properly situated.

The second step simply requires a few photos of a user’s wrist and the watch is virtually placed on the image. The user can engage with the watch by sliding it back and forth on the wrist, tapping the watch to see full dimensions, and zooming in on the watch dial.

Like it’s standard contextual UX platform, (also deployed on Fossil’s product pages as Compare Size), Tangiblee required no 3D imagery or CAD files for the virtual try-on experience. Credit: Tangiblee music: