Mandala: a brief moment in time

Forget about past lives! This magical temple is known for giving you a glimpse of what your future incarnation will be like.

Six persons, connected together through the metaverse, enter an ancient Buddhist temple. Each of your avatars bears a color you use to bring back some life to the ruined temple.

Unknowingly, you are drawing together, drawing a mandala of light, a unique and ephemeral combination of your movements and choices.

The mandala rekindles the magic of the temple, and brings to life a very mischievous monkey, both a prankster and a wise philosopher.

He will take you along the path of his very own buddhist philosophy, bringing you to open- up, reflect on your present life and ultimately put your courage to the test.

Director: Thomas Villepoux Writer: Thomas Villepoux, Yang Huang Producer: François Klein