Insectan Wireworms

Teraxxa™ Game pits farmers against wireworms in WebGL “Game Over” experience.

BASF’s agency, VMLY&R wanted Groove Jones to help them create an exciting Arcade game and online digital engagement that farmers could play and learn about Teraxxa.

They wanted to play off the classic arcade games in the look, feel, and technology for the game. Think Galaga. Centipede. Donkey Kong. Old school 8-bit arcade stuff.

Groove Jones came up with a game concept where you play as a farmer, sick of his wireworm problem and ready to tackle it head-on.

Your weapons are Teraxxa protected seeds. As wireworms crawl from the bottom of the screen, press FIRE to plant a seed above them.

Time it right, and as the plant grows, the seed quickly sends out a Teraxxa Seed Treatment protected root that kills any wireworms nearby.