Interactive touchscreen and VR experience for AAON mobile tour.

AAON Inc. is a world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments by manufacturing premium HVAC equipment.

The largest touchscreen display installed in a mobile trailer is inside the trailer at 24 feet x 5 feet. It runs along the back wall of the trailer and allows multiple users to engage with it simultaneously.

The Touchscreen Wall features numerous custom-built interactive experiences for salespeople to guide a customer through various demonstrations.

Tap on any call-outs to zoom into an area of interest and launch a modal window to get details about the location and specialized features or functions tested in that location.

The Interactive Touchscreen wall also includes AAON’s catalog of HVAC units that can be viewed and explored via 3d models.

When customers drop into VR, they are transported into a branded AAON lobby, where they are welcomed and can select from 3 different VR experiences. They can choose from an interactive Rooftop Experience and two narrative 360º tours.

The Rooftop Experience is a thrilling ride for anyone as you find yourself on the edge of a skyscraper, where you help a helicopter pilot with a high-altitude installation. Inside the headset, you can look out at the city below and around you.

Credit: Groove Jones