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The Finnish Air Force, Varjo, Patria and Bohemia Interactive Simulations have collaborated on a pioneering Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) training solution. The innovative project shows how virtual simulation can augment live exercises and unlock new training possibilities.

By combining live and virtual elements in the same training scenario, pilots can train for complex air operation scenarios effectively and securely.

Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) enables effective integration of the real and virtual worlds, allowing the simulation of large-scale or dangerous training scenarios in a secure way. This provides pilots with a new level of readiness before deployment.

Mixed reality technology enables the creation of new, highly realistic immersive training scenarios that can easily be modified or repeated. Trainees equipped with HMDs can view a seamlessly blended mixed reality environment. Pilots can replicate the conditions of live flying, interacting with real cockpits, their own charts and documents, and virtual worlds.

Varjo began collaborating with the Finnish Air Force, Patria and BI Simulations in the fall of 2020 to demonstrate the future of pilot training. Using Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality technology with human-eye resolution (over 70 pixels per degree), pilots can now distinguish even the smallest details in the cockpit and experience a highly photorealistic simulated training environment.

The integrated eye tracking of the VR/XR headsets at <1 degree accuracy can also be used for collecting data on pilots’ eye movements and reactions for the operator analytics system. Credit: Finnish Air Force