Eternelle Notre-Dame

The Eternal Notre-Dame is the first-ever virtual reality experience devoted to the famous cathedral, one of the world’s most beloved landmarks.

It’s a chance to immerse yourself in 850 years of history on a high-tech journey that’s the result of two years of content development work involving a team of 25 virtual reality experts.

Dive into the history of the cathedral – from its original construction in the Middle Ages to the current restoration after the devastating fire in 2019 – and learn secrets along the way.

Only 50 people are allowed simultaneously, equipped with an immersive device to explore the 500m2 space. It’s billed as an emotional journey, also with a real sensory and physical component.

For example, when you “ascend” to the heights of the cathedral, you sense the elements and the weather.

The route is led by a companion who acts as your guide for the entire journey through time. The experience lasts 45 minutes.