Augmented reality (AR) crime scenes: start solving. CrimeDoor is a one-of-a-kind new mobile news app, combining an extensive database of True Crime new reports, videos, case evidence, podcasts with innovative augmented reality 3D crime scenes.

CrimeDoor content highlights crimes from the victim’s point of view, with a focus on murder, missing persons, mysterious deaths and unsolved cases around the world.

CrimeDoor is the only True Crime app featuring augmented reality (AR) crime scenes, allowing users to virtually enter into crime scenes, using a mobile phone or tablet, from the comfort of their own homes. The technology presents an unparalleled opportunity to examine, investigate and report the details of real crime scenes using spatial awareness, opening the door to changing news reporting forever.

CrimeDoor has been vetted by both police officers and FBI agents as a way for users to aid in solving open cases. Our vast library of high-quality content gives you a chilling perspective into the world of each crime scene.

● Walk directly into crime scenes.
● Get directions to the crime scene.
● Submit tips on cold cases.
● Watch videos related to unsolved cases,
● Read articles on True Stories.
● Share and view photos of real crimes.
● Listen to related Crime podcasts.
● Watch trial videos on our AR Technology.
● Help solve the unsolved mysteries.
● Accurately recreate crime scenes based on police information.
● We aggregate factual crime information.

Credit: CrimeDoor