collision time

Mitchell Intelligent Vision is an extended reality (XR), hands-free solution integrated into the collision repair workflow.

Mitchell Intelligent Vision transforms the way you manage everything from vehicle check in to check out. As the industry’s first extended reality (XR) solution integrated into the collision repair workflow, the hands-free device helps technicians work more efficiently while supporting proper, safe repair.

Fast, accurate vehicle check In: Put away the clipboard and use the Mitchell Intelligent Vision solution to automate the collection of consumer and vehicle data—saving time and reducing the likelihood of an error. Use voice commands to capture time-stamped photos of the vehicle damage. These images are uploaded automatically to Mitchell’s cloud-based ecosystem.

Instant Access to critical repair information: Instantly access relevant OEM repair procedures through a series of voice commands. With the Mitchell Intelligent Vision solution, repair procedures are always in your field of view. Perform hands-free repairs while viewing the detailed repair procedures through the high-resolution display. Reduce the time spent on manually researching repair procedures and let Mitchell Intelligent Vision do the work for you.

Simple, hands-free photo documentation: Document all repair work by capturing high-resolution images with simple voice commands. Automatically retain all images and repair documentation in Mitchell Cloud Solutions for access anytime, anywhere, on any device. Credit: Mitchell International