cesare’s dream I in the cabinet of Dr. caligari

The expressionist silent film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” from 1920 is a complex, confusing and frightening masterpiece. The 360° VR (virtual reality) “Cesare’s Dream – In the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” from 2019 is an homage to the immersive aspects of this film using new technology.

The aim is to take the user into a dreamlike world, in which set pieces from “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” can be experienced. The dream here is the logical complement to sleep, which is an important element in the film. The virtual dream experience represents aspects of freedom as well as dependence for the user at the same time.

Freedom in the angle of vision, in reception and in dealing with dream images. And lack of freedom in the fact that the presented scenario itself cannot be influenced. Part of this dream is dependence: Cesare is a creature dominated by Dr. Caligari. Credit: ZDF /ARTE / UFA X

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