Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Baba Yaga, the newest virtual reality narrative from 6-time Emmy Award-winning interactive animation studio Baobab Studios.

You will be invited as the main character into a haunting fairytale world completely reimagined. From executive producer, Jennifer Hudson this 27 minute interactive tale has multiple endings depending on the choices you make.

Sometimes a force for evil, sometimes a force for good, the enigmatic witch Baba Yaga uses her powers to protect the forest. When your mother, the village chief, falls deathly ill, it is up to you and your sister Magda to do the unthinkable, enter the forest, uncover its hidden mysteries and get the cure from Baba Yaga.

With an award winning cast, Baba Yaga is family friendly experience about finding courage and facing your fears. Credit: Baobab Studios