LED volumetric holodeck and VR experience for Aurea Software at Mobile World Congress.

Aurea is an enterprise software company reimagining how companies can streamline communication and collaboration across dozens of subsidiaries and global locations.

This large-scale holodeck experience leveraging an interactive game engine and an LED volumetric stage, that would allow participants to step into a fully immersive space to see and interact with the future.

The holodeck experience is the first LED volumetric stage to use head tracking to give the user a real-time, perceptively correct view of their space to enable a more immersive and compelling experience.

In the experience you take part in the story, seeing CEO Sophia Deleon (Cynaptic Enterprises), communicating her company’s goal of being the first global company to achieve zero net greenhouse gasses by 2028.

Through state-of-the-art technology, you can interact with team members as they implement changes that will help you and Sophia accomplish this goal.