Accessory assembly

Toyota Accessories Augmented Reality [TAAR] app.

Groove Jones partnered with two Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) teams to help solve a business need of influencing the buying decisions in the parts and accessory market.

The parts and accessories market is a billion-dollar industry and it is often overlooked. Customer feedback has always addressed the need for better point-of-purchase supporting materials and greater accessory variety.

Dealerships often do not have brochures or examples of available accessories, and websites may not have up-to-date images.

The proposed AR tool included the following key elements:

>The customer identifies the vehicle model name
>App uses machine learning to detect single or double cab, and bed length
>App has the ability to lock on to an existing vehicle
>Users can then select from a list of available accessories
>The App then visualizes AR accessories on the actual vehicle