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The free MISSION TO MARS augmented reality (AR) app brings an innovative new way to live through the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars.

From the treacherous landing attempt to the flight of the first interplanetary helicopter, this app brings the mission to life through augmented reality experiences grounded in real equipment and events. The app features following experiences:

  • MEET THE ROVERS – Get an interactive look at rover design, from science tools to camera power. See how rovers have evolved into the most sophisticated robots ever built for space.
  • DRIVE THE ROVERS – Place a rover on your desk, driveway or street. Then drive it around and snap photos and video to share.
  • MARS OVERVIEW – Put the entire globe of Mars in front of you, spin it, and discover features both alien and familiar.
  • LAUNCH THE ROCKET – Place the Atlas V rocket anywhere you want and launch it with authentic mission audio.
  • MARS PORTAL – Walk through a portal onto the surface of Mars to see Perseverance in action, then jump into the future to explore a human settlement.
  • 7 MINUTES OF TERROR – Control the nail-biting landing sequence yourself and see if you can do better than cutting-edge robotic automation.
  • MISSIONS ON MARS – Game your way through Perseverance missions on the surface. Drive around hazards to complete different objectives – including flying the helicopter Ingenuity.

The app also features an array of Mars images, quizzes, and video clips from the Smithsonian Channel documentary MAKING TRACKS ON MARS. Credit: immersion.pl

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